A stove like no other

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Convert any common can into a portable stove that outperforms stoves costing far more. Try to find another stove under $30 - in titanium no less!

You can also create an amazing compact or jumbo wood-gas stove with capabilities not found in any other stove! No tools required!

The only stove that can scale from an individual solo-size stove to a large group-size stove. It's like having many stoves in one.

The Siege Stove Cross-Members even work with our Siege Collapsible Stove. You can't beat cans for their ultra-low cost and super light weight, but if you have extremely limited space (e.g. kayak and horseback camping), this is a perfect choice. Available in stainless steel and titanium, the Siege Collapsible Stove has significant fuel capacity and yet folds small enough to fit in a sandwich bag. The inverted trapezoidal shape provides a broad heat distribution for fast cooking and the ability to grill!

It's not only wood-burning — slide a pair of tent pegs through the holes and you can support alternative fuel types in the stove (this also works for a can stove).

Create the ultimate camping and survival stove in under 2 minutes!
Keep a set of universal Siege Cross-Members with you and you will be able to quickly convert almost any common can into a high-performance bio-fuel and multi-fuel stove Set of 4 universal Cross-Members precision laser cut from 304 stainless steel or aerospace grade titanium — you can depend on these to never break down!
The universal Siege Cross-Members work with almost any common can, including the pre-punched IKEA canister, which makes a beautiful, super light, stainless steel stove at an incredibly low price, and which in a magazine review outperformed all nine other expensive stoves that it was compared to! The universal Siege Cross-Members work with almost any common can, including the pre-punched IKEA canister, which makes a beautiful, super light, stainless steel stove at an incredibly low price, and which in a magazine review outperformed all nine other expensive stoves that it was compared to!

The favorite choice of IKEA® canister stove enthusiasts. No longer do you need to use power tools to hack a large flue and feeder hole in the canister, grind the sharp edges smooth and bolt on heavy legs. Simply attach the X-Stove Cross-Members! With their 7" spread, you can also support a much bigger pot or even a broad, heavy iron skillet. The pot is raised up so that if you need to, you can add fuel under it without having to lift the pot off.

Add one of our compact or large folding grills and a pair of hanging toasters to your IKEA® stove (or any other can), and you will be the envy of other campers. Pack fire starters, tinder and even a small pot or cookset into the can, and it won't take up any extra space. Slip the whole thing into a sock or cinch sack and you are good to go!

The flat-pack Siege Collapsible Stove has considerable fuel capacity, and yet packs down to the size of a small sandwich bag.
The flat-pack Siege Collapsible Stove uses .028” thick Titanium. Our engineers found in extensive testing, that the thinner grades common to other wood stoves to reduce cost, warped unacceptably. The Cross-Members use .050" Titanium! Siege Stoves are made from aerospace-grade Titanium. They are impervious to rust and wood flames. They should last as long as the great pyramids!
The Siege Collapsible Stove assembles in seconds The Siege Collapsible Stove assembles in seconds, and will hold a lot of fuel, putting out a really big fire and a lot of heat that you can warm yourself around and grill on. It also works with our unique hanging toasters.

Finally there is a stove for everyone, at a price that can't be beat! Whether you are a seasoned backpacking, survival or bushcraft expert, prepper, aid worker, member of a scout troop, or an occasional car camper, the Siege Stove is a perfect fit for your needs. Simply pick the can to suit your group size and use the cross-members with no extra tools to quickly convert it into a superior stove.

For as little as 19.99 + shipping, you can get a complete set of universal Cross-Members, with which you can quickly create an unlimited number of stove configurations from almost any can. Keep a set of these ultra-compact Cross-Members in your car door pocket, and you will always be prepared. For only 19.99 + shipping, you can get a set of universal Cross-Members, with which you can quickly create an unlimited number of stove configurations from almost any can. Keep a set of these ultra-compact Cross-Members in your car door pocket, and you will always be prepared. Our customers consistently rave about how much they enjoy using their Siege Stoves, and how much fun they have experimenting with different cans. No tools are needed, no extra modifications required to the cans — simply snap them on and you have a super stable, high-performance, high-efficiency, bio-fuel and multi-fuel stove.

Don't compromise with a stove that is expensive, flimsy, unstable, low-capacity, difficult-to-assemble, or finicky to use, or one that uses components and materials that can break down, melt or warp, including plastic, electronics, fans, aluminum, or titanium that is too thin.
Get the very best with a Siege Stove: BUILT TOUGH FOR EXTREME: versatility, durability, simplicity, stability, efficiency, portability, capacity, scalability, affordability and performance.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

  • Superior Performance at an unbeatable price

    In a comparison with nine other high-priced stoves in the annual Be Ready survival guide, the Siege Stove outperformed them all, with the best boil time by a wide margin ("beat them all hands down!" according to one reader). With its 7" spread top and bottom, the stability and pot support of the Siege Stove is unrivalled among compact camping stoves. Cans are exceptionally lightweight, surprisingly long-lasting (we've been using the same cans for years), and easily replaceable.
  • Professional grade and practically indestructible!

    Countless Bushcraft experts, survival instructors, preppers, parents of scouts, backpackers and outdoors enthusiasts around the world have purchased Siege Stoves for camping, backpacking and emergency preparation. Siege Stoves have been put through their paces on expeditions and camping trips across the globe from the Himalayas to Siberia, South East Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Alaska, and all over Canada, Europe and the continental USA. Made in the USA from high quality stainless steel or titanium, you will never break your Cross-Members or Collapsible Stove.
  • Ultra-light and ultra-compact

    A set of cross-members weighs less than 8oz stainless steel, and less than 4oz in titanium, and they pack flat. Slip them in a pocket or store them in your can and you are all set!
  • Help us launch on Kickstarter!

    For the past four years we have been working on perfecting the Siege Stove Cross-Members and collapsible stoves, while making each edition of the product available for sale in small quantities. This has validated for us the big advantages of the Stove, and the rave reviews have been phenomenal! Now that we have perfected the product, we really need your support to help us move to volume production so that we are finally able to sell our stoves at a profit and make them available to the many people around the world who could benefit from them. Please consider backing us on Kickstarter and please tell your social media followers and email contacts about our campaign! You can also pin us on Pinterest, and like us on Facebook.
  • Built for every situation!

    Going alone or with a group? Just pick the size can that matches! Why pay $70-$150 for a solo-size stove or $300 for a group camp-size stove when you can add set of Stove cross-members to almost any size can, — all the way up to a gallon paint can —, for a fraction of the price?
    Kayak or horseback camping with very limited space? Our Siege Collapsible Stove stores flat and has considerable fuel capacity. Most compact camp stoves are only suited to boiling a mug of water, but with the broad and significant heat output of our collapsible stove and can stoves you can even grill. Toast bread at the same time with a pair of hanging toasters!
    The fuel you use is up to you — wood-burning and multi-fuel Siege Stoves can handle wood, charcoal, alcohol stoves (e.g. Trangia
    ®, or soda-can, beer-can & penny stoves), solid fuels (e.g. hexamine tablets) and even gel fuel canisters.
  • The Perfect Gift!

    Help your friends and family prepare for emergencies or for their next backpacking expedition. For just $20 one will be prepared to rapidly turn any can into a high-performance stove. Add a beautiful stainless steel IKEA® canister for just a few dollars more. For under $50 you can give a complete stove set, with stainless-steel cross-members and IKEA® canister plus a folding grill and toasters! Customers have been telling us what a hit these are with their gift recipients.
  • Used cans are upcycled with a second life, and forest impact is reduced with the Stove's highly efficient fuel use

    Using a single kitchen chair for firewood, we were able to cook over 30 meals on a Siege Stove! You can even cook a meal with just a small amount of cardboard for fuel.
  • A big thank you to those who visited our exhibit at the Bay Area Maker Faire!

    The Siege Stove was a big hit and we really appreciate all the support we received!
  • Don't just take our word for it!
    Here's what others are saying about Siege Stoves:

    The Siege Stove is wow possibly the most versatile piece of gear a person can have on them. It has a footprint just slightly larger than the average knife. I can't think of a single reason why a person wouldn't keep this in their outdoors bag. Even if you already have a favorite stove, you should have at least one of these as a backup. It'll probably end up as your primary. The Siege Stove is just too useful to pass up. — Kris P, Florida

    ... I heard about your cross-members/stoves in “Be Ready.”  It was part of a wood-burning stove comparison between ten, portable, compact stoves.  ... your stove cross-members and components won hands down! — Mike M, Colorado
    In Be Ready magazine's comparison tests the Siege Stove with an IKEA® can boiled water the fastest by a wide margin (just 4 minutes to boil 18 oz, compared with 5, 8 and even 12 minutes for the other stoves!) and of course, the price was unbeatable!

    Absolutely fantastic and I want one. . . 3 years ago our city was pretty near flattened from several earthquakes and since then I have been buying suitable survival equipment that should more quakes occur, that see us with no power, limited water and no where to live then we have to be prepared.
    Your stoves are something everyone should have. — Cyril M, Christchurch, New Zealand (outdoor gear expert and former fire fighter)

    I have received the order here in Alaska. The supports really work great on a #10 can. It works and burns way better than my new $150.00 [other] stove. — Cecil R, Alaska

    I teach private urban/wilderness survival and disaster prep. I just found your stove while doing my own private, hands on, research for a wood stove to suggest to my students. I have been searching for a stove to handle both bug out and bug in situations.
    I have found most flat pack or folding stoves to not be durable enough. Gassifiers both down draft and up draft are too complicated and finicky.
    I am fond of the fact that your universal cross-members basically create treasure out of trash . . . Timing is great, as I had just started designing my own stove out of frustration.
      — GH, Massachusetts

    I have already ordered one set and they are fantastic.  Now I could use 2 more. — Robert C, Ohio

    Congratulations on creating such a brilliant and fairly priced piece of equipment. — Thomas B., United Kingdom

    My cross members arrived on Saturday. That was fast!
    just wanted to say thank you for the products, and most importantly, your attention to detail and communication!
    — Ray H, New York

    I had been looking at another stove that gets a lot of press about being able to charge mobile devices . . . until I learned how slow it charges and watched Youtube videos where it took constant fueling for nearly two hours to get less than ten percent charge on an iphone! And they couldn't even cook at the same time because they had to take the pot off in order keep adding wood! With that and the over 2lb weight, it was clear that I would be far better off buying the best-in-class for each task, such as a portable solar charger for my backpack and the optimal stove. Then I found the ultra-light Siege Stove - tougher than nails with no gimmicks, no gadgets, no plastic housing to melt, fans and electronics to break down or batteries to die. It's perfect for me, and for a group trip I can even combine it with a lightweight gallon paint can and save three hundred dollars over the other guys' crazy heavy (almost 18lbs) group stove! Amazing. The shipping cost alone on the other stove is more than the cost of a Siege Stove.
    — Mike S, California
    Note from us: in some of our Siege Stove tests we have had our fires hot enough to melt aluminum — how long your investment will last or if you will be able to depend on it never failing when you need it most is something to seriously consider before buying a stove that has any plastic or electronic parts or batteries. You can be confident that your Siege Stove cross-members will never break down!

    I have gone through lots of utube video regarding stoves and found that your way of making stoves are the one that I am going for. — Sargeant L. Kuala Lumpur

    Hello, I absolutely love your product. I am a hunter, outdoorsman, and retired Marine. — Christopher S, USA

    Just ordered the cross members on Tuesday and received them on Thursday (and I live on the east coast)! Excellent, excellent product! — Patrick F, Pennsylvania

    I wanted to write and say how impressed I am with your product and its design. I have shared your website with several friends who also were blown away and have placed orders. — Vann W, North Carolina

    Synthetic fuels alone (not including a stove for using them) will in a short amount of time cost more than a Siege Stove. The savings are significant!

  • I bought some stainless steel cross-members with the sleeve at the SF Bay area Maker Faire on 20May17. They are terrific and work just as demonstrated at your kiosk. What a great product. I love the simplicity of design, the ability to reuse the cans, and the ability to tailor my stove to the task at hand just by changing cans. Please add me to your email list and kickstarter notifications.
    — Mark S, California

    We're giving them as gifts to people we know who like to hike, and keeping one for ourselves. There'll probably be more orders later. 
    The stove is one neat gadget. Thank you for creating it.
    — Geoffrey K, California

    I've researched a while. [Another stove] was my favorite option till I watched your video. Your product is exactly what I had hoped for. — Gene I, North Carolina

    First can I say what brilliant inventions the siege stove and its accessories are, perfect to use regularly and to store extras away for when trouble comes. — Peter W, Hong Kong

    You are on the short list for my bug-out/prepper resources! — Gary P, Delaware

    These are a Must Have in my Backpack. — Thomas S, Germany

    ...simple and effective, I got the idea presented right away and knew it would work from watching the Youtube video.
    The equipment worked well, stowed well and ... as you say there was always fuel around.
    — Steve C., kayaking camper, Ontario, Canada

    Please ship it urgent, I will need it at February at my trip to Himalaya — Kirill P, Russia

    Got them! They look great, and like you say, solid when put together! — Kevin Y, United Kingdom

    Loved your website & stoves - what a great idea. — Richard B, UK

    Your stoves looks to be a good Idea. Camping or a bug out situation. — George A, USA

    The stove arrived and I have had a play. I love it, so much fun! — Ande L, NSW, Australia

    I just bought a second one as my old one I gave as a gift to a happy person :) — Irinel T, Germany

    Just wanted to let you know:  I received the stove kit and I'm delighted with it.  Thank you!! — Lou M, Maine

    I love your product, I teach an EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS FUNDAMENTALS class at my church. — Randy B, California

    I've been telling the stories of your stoves to others, ... it's just a great tool. — Elliot K, California,

    I am engaged in underwater hunting. And often it is necessary to cook food on a fire. I like to live in harmony with nature. Use a minimum of means, for cooking. And, to apply minimal damage to nature. ... your device will help me in this. — Konstantin B, St. Petersburg, Russia

    Thanks Ken. Your personal touch is greatly appreciated. There isn't enough of that in the world today. — Loston C, Washington

    Wow these are great. They fit the rugged ikea like a dream. — Ralph F., Mount Carmel  TN

    From someone who purchased a well-known competing stove: I'm a camper and generally into preparedness ... the [other much more pricey stove] felt flimsy and seemed tough to use, ... I just threw it in a drawer. I wish I had gone with a Seige.  — Brad, Massachusetts

    FYI - I have used it the last couple nights here on my patio...works great, much better than my wood / gas stove I was using...that being said, I ordered three more as Christmas gifts. Thanks again, have a great Thanksgiving!!!! — Kelly S, California

    I could try to make my own hangers [toasters] but they would never be as well made as yours and for the money why bother, you have solved all the issues. Looking forward to being "BeSieged". — Michael S, Greentown, PA

    The kit arrived today and I must say that I'm really impressed and satisfied! I already tested it and with the no nonsense design it just works! I have tested quite a few hobo and rocket style stoves + the multifuel burners, but this easy setup is definitely my favorite of all times now — Veljo V, Estonia

    The Cross-Members are incredible! I wish I had bought them 20 million years ago! — Steve C, Illinois (avid outdoorsman who started making his own hobo stoves at age 11, and after decades of building stoves was still looking for a better solution when he finally found the Siege Stove web site).